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I really like switching up positions frequently.

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Vanilla is a base for toppings, like intimacy and position changes.

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It seems to have the rep of being old-fashioned and particularly male-oriented sex, perhaps because it isn't a position that some women can orgasm in.

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He likes dirty talk, so being face-to-face works for that.

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Also, it allows for really easy access for manual stimulation if it's wanted, so that's a plus.

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How does it compare to other positions for getting you off?

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The thing about missionary is that it is really easy to just slip your hand between yourself and your partner to stimulate the clitoris.

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I've heard a few male friends speak negatively about missionary position because they assume that their partners are just being lazy and wanting them to do all of the work.

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I've never had an orgasm from penetration alone.

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How old were you when you first had missionary sex?

It's not for every couple or every situation, but don't be afraid of it because it's considered vanilla.

I think part of it is the slightly derogatory name we've given it.

I remember being really drunk and horny one night, and finally figuring out how to fuck my boyfriend back.

I'll use my hands to rub my partner's chest or hair.

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