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Battle blue lick

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The expedition was called off, however, Battle blue lick, when scouts reported that a force under George Rogers Clarkwhom the Indians feared more than any other commander, was about to invade the Ohio Country from Kentucky.

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McGary rode up to Boone's company and told him everyone was retreating and that Boone was now surrounded.

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They would watch the station until a few people were outside the fortification, Battle blue lick, and then they would attack, allowing the few outside the walls to escape knowing that they would run straight to Lexington for help; Lexington was strongly manned and provisioned.

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Aaron Reynolds insisted Capt.

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Included were Col.

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Lincoln, Fayette, and Jefferson.

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There, speaking before a council of all participants, Battle blue lick, he outlined a plan that led to the frontier people south of the Ohio's worst defeat in their long war with the Ohio Indians--the Battle of Blue Licks.

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The fighting was not conducted in the conventional regimented formations of the Eastern Theatre, but more accurately described as Indian fighting.

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Patterson's forces advanced.

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This militia force was composed of several groups from neighboring counties and stations and, as was the usual case, the leadership consisted of the various militia leaders working more or less in cooperation with each other.

Thus, he continued, an invasion would have more success attacking in Central Kentucky where it would not be expected.

This engraving is reproduced from "Virginia's Western War Battle blue lick by Neal Hammon Depicted is a contingent of Pioneer ladies led b Polly Hawkins Craig fetching water a short from the fort on August 16,

Colonel Logan's relief force buried the dead.

They meant to surprise and destroy the settlement of Bryan Stationbut the settlers discovered them and took shelter within their stockade.

They were the decoy.

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