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The federal crime carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison if she's convicted.

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This claim is a corollary of the claim that classified information belongs exclusively to the executive.

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The executive branch has regularly resisted congressional requests for classified information.

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While many leaks of classified information are rightly deplored, the proper remedy is for government Classified foreign women who disclose such information to be stripped of their security clearances, not the criminal prosecution of those who publish it.

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Covert actions do not include classic espionage; rather, they are secret operations designed to influence events overseas without the role of the United States becoming known.

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All of these explicit powers require information in the possession of the executive branch and knowledge of executive branch activities.

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They seized items including cellphones, computers and Winner's passport.

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The Central Intelligence Agency is the agency that provided the declarations about the classified programs, another U.

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