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Print The penis is actually a sensitive tissue composed of blood vessels — veins and arteries, as well as nerves.

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Doctors may suggest a way of eating beets, such as drinking the juice with a source of calcium, to avoid a buildup in the kidneys.

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Magnesium acts as a natural muscle relaxant and it reduces inflammation in the blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, and improves blood circulation.

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Using beet juice for ED seems promising, but is not yet proven.

Health News On Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss

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Blackberries Blackberries are rich in anti-oxidants and fiber.

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You May Also Like Increased and improved blood flow throughout the body confers many health and performance related benefits.

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Beet juice is available to purchase in many health food stores and online.

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Compounds in beets called betalains also provide some helpful benefits to the body.

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Anti-oxidants help the body get rid of free radicals while fiber flushes toxins out of the body.

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Watermelon is approximately 92 percent water and full of electrolytes—essential minerals which maintain fluid balance.

Nitrates dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure, so drink beet juice sparingly if you take medications or supplements for high blood pressure.

Other lifestyle changes that may improve ED Lifestyle changes such as exercise and meditation may improve ED symptoms.

One study showed that pomegranate juice may be effective on diabetic patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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