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In both studies, homosexual and heterosexual men shared similar fantasies, but with genders switched.

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Forcibly pushing her against the wall and "pinning my arms above my head with one hand while the other hand has made its way under my skirt and Fantasy for sex fondling my vagina," received nods of approval by all the women in the room.

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It could also not be about the who, but instead, the how.

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Female fantasies can really run the gamut from vanilla sex to hardcore fetishes — and we're not just talking your typical male stripper scenario here, either.

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Usually I'm fantasizing about sex with a stranger, or two strangers, usually a man, sometimes a hetero couple.

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It sounds virtually impossible especially if the guys are not bisexualbut nevertheless intriguing.

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It can be combined with other fantasies, including watching your significant other with another sexual partner or masturbating to orgasmor even discovering other people in flagrante delicto.

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Sadistic sexual fantasies[ edit ] Sadistic themes are consistently present in the sexual fantasies of offenders across various types of sexual crimes and varying risk factors.

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Sigmund Freud suggested that those who experienced sexual fantasies were sexually deprived or frustrated or that they lacked adequate sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

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Social constructionism predicts that sexual socialisation is a strong predictor of sexual fantasy and that gender differences are the result of social influences.

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