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Suzuki outboard peeing week

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I don't feel the thermostat can be responsible for the symptoms since, as can be seen from the above diagram, the circulation from the water intake to the pee hole is way upstream of it.

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The pee stream is more or less independent of the cooling water flow through the engine.

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Any help would be appreciated Is the oil light still flashing?

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Not really sure what I'm expecting here but

suzuki not peeing?

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If the pump is bone dry, as it could be if its sat on the dealers rack for months since being prep'd for Suzuki outboard peeing week, It might not prime immediately that far above the water and wreck the impeller before it does As I said the telltale pees immediately with most outboards but there are a few where it does not pee until the thermostat opens and I am sure where that is the case it is as the design engineer designed it.

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That's still deeper than a "standard" bucket though.

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On mine the water starts to pee out as soon as the engine is started.

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I'm sure all will go well.

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What I will probably do is run water through the flush connection again

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The word Suzuki outboard peeing week
Suzuki outboard peeing week